Monday, June 27, 2016

TODAY WAS SILENT DAY! Well for me. The students have earned this day this year by doing their jobs and knowing what they are supposed to do. We had the day chunked into half an hour time slots and each child got to be the teacher during their half hour. They had to give instructions and help wherever needed. It helps that we literally run the same structure of day every day so they all knew what to do. But it was fun! Hard for me, but fun!
9-9:30- Chase, Annalise, Leica
Morning Routine
Math- reviewed 2D and 3D shapes
9:30-10- Grayson Sofia
Mad Minute Monday
Math Centres
10-10:30- Dominic Wyatt and Madison
10:45-11:15- Oliver, Isla, Cam
Listen to Reading- News duotangs
11:15-11:45- Kellan and Jaxon
Read to Self, Read to Someone and Word Work
12:45-1:15-Luke, Shade, Max A.
Spelling test. (Last one of the year!)
1:15-1:45- Sonny, Niki, Charlie
1:45-2:15- Max O. (Avery was away)
2:30-3- Philipp and Surasha
Table Activity- Students worked on some advice for the Kindergartens going into grade one next year.
3-3:30- Parker and Kali- Quiet Time
Home time

*We are going bowling tomorrow. The bus leaves at 12:20 which means that if anyone normally goes home for lunch, they need to be back in time for 12:20. We should be back to school around 2:30.
**Wednesday morning we are going to the spray park behind the school. The students can wear their bathing suits (or bring them) and bring a towel.
***Early dismissal on Wednesday at 2:30

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