Monday, October 1, 2018

It’s October! How September flew by! This morning the students moved carpet spots and table spots.

Circle Time

Math- Patterning test


Arts Ed- Arts Ed stations. These were posted to SeeSaw! They will be up as soon as they are all approved!


Carpet Time- We started a new carpet time routine today. The students are learning the reading strategies with our mystery word.

Read to Self- We went down in our stamina. Students read for 3 minutes 15 seconds.

Read to Someone- The students had to take at least one Science book during read to someone. They needed to learn one fact, and then share it in our talking circle afterwards. This was posted to GradeBook. (Online report card)


Phys Ed- Today the students did some passing/receiving with hockey sticks and ball hockey balls.

Music- Ms. Hendry

Clean Up

Home Time

*Fall Frenzy is this Thursday at 1:30-2:15. Come on out to see your child’s artwork and writing displayed around the school.