Tuesday, October 2, 2018

We got a new student today! Her name is Madeline. Welcome Madeline!

Ms. Ausmus was away sick today, so Mrs. Maley subbed for her this am.

PWIM- We started a new activity called PWIM. It stands for Picture Word Induction Method. We first shake out words, then use them in sentences, and then make paragraphs with them. Today, we just shook out about 10 words.

Health- Ms. Preece


French- Mrs. Murdoch

Writing- We worked on our Fall Writing for the Fall Frenzy happening this Thursday.


Carpet Time

Buddies- We had centres today.


Quiet Time- Our helper of the day now gets to pick our Quiet Time book for the month of October. So today, Preston picked a book that focused on the sounds -est.

Twitter/Blog comments- We have new grade 11 blogging buddies! Throughout the semester, they will be commenting on the student’s writing, and trying to help them improve as writers!

Phys Ed- With Ms. Lang’s class. We worked on sending and receiving with soccer balls.

Clean Up

Home Time

*Ms. Ausmus and Mrs. Maley use a bunch of different apps within the classroom. I have put many of them onto the “apps we use” page on the blog. Ms. Ausmus is going to be using the hundreds board and number line apps this month, if you would like to download any of them onto a family iPad. They are under “Math tools” category.

We will be adding some Google Play/Chrome extensions soon. Stay tuned.