Thursday, November 1, 2018

Circle Time

Math- Students worked with QR codes for their Math on their own station.


Science- Students finished their nocturnal animals craft. They look great!


Carpet Time- We have new slides for November. This month we will be focusing on storytelling.

Daily 5- Students worked on making a story with the app- Toontastic.

We then had Read to Self and then Read to Someone


Phys Ed- Students learned how to send and receive volleyballs

Music- Ms. Hendry

Home time

* We are looking for some classroom materials help! During math, the students often do a math on their own station that requires whiteboard markers. As you can imagine, these get used up quickly. We were wondering if each family could purchase a pack of dry erase markers for their child and label each marker? They could keep them in their grey bucket, and then that way they would have some for the year.  They would likely take care of their own markers better than the schools because they would be using it every day.  If you could do this, we would love to have markers for the kids next week.

**We are also starting a Makerspace unit with our Buddies. The students are going to be creating an amusement park made completely out of cardboard and other craft materials. If you have any excess cardboard or craft supplies; tape, pipe cleaners, straws etc. lying around, and you would be willing to send them with your child, we would be so grateful!