Friday, November 11, 2018

Circle Time

Self regulation lesson

Health- Ms. Preece


French- Ms. Murdoch

Arts Ed- Magic Spell


Carpet Time

Buddies was cancelled today, but we still started our Makerspace. We will be working on these Makerspace projects for the next two months. You are more than welcome to send more cardboard, craft supplies or extras from home over the next couple months. The students will be working on making an Amusement Park.


Quiet Time- We started a novel today from Chronicles of Narnia- The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.


News Duotangs- Please remember to write back!

Clean Up

Home time

*If your child has been talking about not bringing juice boxes, here’s the scoop. Our school’s student recycling team has had to talk to our class 5 times about them not rinsing out their juice boxes before putting them in the rubbermaid. The recycling students then have to wash out sticky juice every day. We reminded and reminded the kids, but they still kept forgetting. So for the month of November, I have asked the kids to refrain from bringing juice. If they do happen to bring it, they will have to take it home in their lunch kit so that we can learn what a privilege it is that we have someone looking after our recycling for us! If you could help us with this, that would be great! Thanks!