Thursday, November 15, 2018

Students had their reward pyjama party/ movie morning this morning. They loved it!


Table Activity- Word of the day activities

Daily 5 Centres


Carpet Time

Social- Students read Sandy’s Incredible Shrinking Footprint. The students brainstormed ways that they could shrink their footprint. These were posted to Seesaw.

Clean Up

Home time

*If you have any extra food flyers at home, send them to school for Health! Thanks!

I Love Stuffed Animals

I collect stuffed animals all the time!!!I
I love them because they’re nice to cuddle!!!
I love them because they are cute!!!
I love them because they’re soft!!!
I have a build a bear stuffed animals that sleep with every single night!!!
I want to sleep with all the big stuff to animals because you can hold onto them better.
I think it is awesome that you can get them every where.
The end.