Friday, February 8, 2019

Bell Work

Arts Ed- Love Grows Under the Wild Oak Tree

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- STEM activity- students created Lego cars with a balloon and measured to see how far.


Carpet Time

Table Activity- News Duotangs


Quiet Time- Doll People


Social- Students continued working with the app Google Earth. They loved it. If you can download this app or use it on a computer at home, the kids would love to show you what they’ve been seeing.

Clean Up

Home Time

*Reminder that there is a list of names (for valentines) on the blog. Under student posts!

2 thoughts on “Friday, February 8, 2019

  1. Great question! We started off with 23 students, and one moved away! I just forgot to change the Twitter profile! Did that now! 👍

  2. Good afternoon. In regards to students names for valentines. The Twitter account says there are 23 students. The blog has a list of 22 names. How many students are there. I just don’t want anyone to be left out.
    Thanks again

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