Friday, March 1, 2019

Bell Work

Arts Ed- Students created monsters for a measurement task.

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- Class party


Carpet Time

Daily 5- Work on Writing- The students wrote in their News Duotangs today.

When they finished, they worked on their newspapers.


Quiet Time/Twitter

Social- We worked on a conflict resolution game called Helium hoop.

Clean Up

Home Time

*Next Wednesday, March 6th we will be going skating at 2:00PM. Please send skates, a helmet and warm clothes. If any parents want to meet us there to help tie skates, that would be awesome! If you haven’t paid on cash online already, please do so!

**On March 15th, we will be having a demonstration of learning. Please click this link to sign up for a time that works for you and your family. If another teacher has scheduled a sibling in at a certain time, feel free to just pick a time before or after that one. Your child will be doing some tasks in the classroom to demonstrate what they know.

*** There has been some more cases of lice present in class, so please check their child’s head to make sure there are no nits or lice present. Thanks!