Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Bell Work

Math- Adding 1 digit numbers to 2 digits using different types of strategies.


Arts Ed- Ms. Mercer talked about different forms of art with the kids.


Carpet Time

Daily 5- Ms. Friesen taught the students their Daily 5 reading stamina today. She compared reading stamina to a marathon.


Phys Ed- We worked on our own dances today. The students pretended to be dance teachers, and taught the rest of the class their moves.

Music- Ms. Hendry

Clean Up

Home Time

*Demonstration of Learning on Friday. If you haven’t got a chance to sign up yet, please do so here.

**We are going to be going on a field trip on Tuesday, March 19th in the afternoon to the Alex Youck Museum. If you would like to come along as a parent helper, please let me know. Also, please pay and give permission for this field trip on cash online. It is $3.50. Thanks!