Friday, March 15, 2019

It was Demonstration of Learning Day!

Thanks to those students and parents who came and participated in our demo of learning day. We completed 4 stations, 2 math, and 2 reading.

On Monday, our school is going to be participating in a school wide Tech Day. Students will move from classroom to classroom participating in different activities that have a technology focus. It’s going to be fun!

On Tuesday afternoon, we will be going to the Alex Youck Museum and going back in time. We will be in a 1 room school house learning what it would be like to be a student 100 years ago. If your child wants, they can dress up as if they were living in that time. Mrs. Maley is going to dress up too! Please check cash online to pay for the bus. (The field trip is free. Bus will cost $3.50)