Monday, March 18, 2019

This morning we had a Tech Day. The students participated in several activities that helped them to get to know different types of technology and how to use it for learning.


Table Activity- Students worked on their calendar time with Ms. Ausmus

Daily 5- Centres with Ms. Brace’s class.


Carpet Time

Social- We talked about the Honouring the Buffalo book. We discussed many things that the buffalo provided for people. We also talked about how tomorrow we are going on a field trip to the Alex Youck Museum where we are going to be going back in time 100 years to see what school was like back then.

Clean Up

Home Time

*Students can wear old fashioned clothes tomorrow if they want to dress the part of being a student in a one room school house. We will be going for the whole afternoon tomorrow. Please pay for this trip on cash online. Thanks!