how to bake a cake


How to bake🍰

Step ☝️Put flour in to the boardStep

Step twoCrack three eggs

Step three weeks and then add water

Step four then just let it bake

StopFire let it cool down then then decorate it👩‍🍳

How to bake

How to bake 🍰

Step 1. Get the materials  You need.

Step 2.  Get the cake batter you want

Step 3. Fill the measuring cup with water and put it in the bowl  with cake batter .

Step 4. And pour it in the  muffin can  and then put it in the oven .

Step 5. And then once  The cupcake has been in the oven while take it out and decorate it 🧁.

How to build a shelf

Step 1-get the materials:  poles and wheels and  handles and  a Drill and screws

step two -put both the post onto the top

put wood posts on it  on the other side

step three- make a hole in the wood pole

step four

– make  three drors  and handles on them

step five-put it in your hose.