My hockey team won the game last week because they skated really good.My hockey team is going to the semi final because we’r a really good team! I think my football is going to be fist in the league.I love football because it is really fun and you score lots of touchdowns. I love my hockey team and football because they run and pas the puck really good. I can’t wait tell the last day of school butt I’m going to miss Mrs.Maley.

On the one hundredth day of school

On the one hundredth day of school, I’m going to bring one hundred pop corn. My sister doesn’t have 100 day of school. I was going to bring 100 rice, But I want to bring 100 pop corn now. The pop corn is going to be popt. I’m the star of the week my project is going to be shod to the class on the one hundredth day of school.