I like Pokemon Because it’s fun. On my birthday July my going to lazer quest. All my friends Wyatt and Dominic and me on trampoline. Today I am going to on Wednesday or thursday me and Wyatt are going to have a play date. I have an ex.

Luke’s post

Once upen a time he whet to a bad place candy. Will he

(The rest scribed by Mrs. Maley)

catch the bad guy? He catched the bad guy. He bringed him to jail. Now more bad guys went to England and more police came and they caught them. Then the bad guys got out of jail then they got them back in.

Luke’s post

Tomorrow is the one huhndred days of school.

I wish everyday was a one hundredth day party.
I want this to be a 100th day party like Halloween.
I wish this day was awesome because it has centres.
I wish this day was the best because we would go to a candy store.
(Scribed by Mrs. Maley)