love my family.

One time Antie Tresa and Uncle Daivd gave me and my brother some cloths. My family gives me and my brother all kinds of things. My family is cool,funny,smart,fun and they love me biger then the hole wide world. tomrrow is Disney day and you get to dress up as any Disney charater you want.I love my family biger then the hole wide world. today I saw about 20 ladybugs.

100 days at school! Isla

It is the one hundredth day at school tomrrow and we are having a party. It is a valentine’s day party/one hundredth day party.I’m going to bring 100 jelly beans. I love to count to 100 and we are going to count to 100 on the 100th day. I am excited for the 100th day at school.


  • when  was 5 years old i loved to have a shaowr with mom. one estr a scrol toc a egg. when i was 5 i didint no how to spell my last name. when i was 2 i coud only spell mom.


In December I smell hot coco. Hot coco smells good.In December we see snow and snow is fun. In the snow you can make snowman and you can make igloos.You can crol undrneeth your igloo. I also feel snow and the wind bloing.