All about me

I am the helper tomorrow and I am so excited ! Every time I go to my Mom’ s house I eat waffles.
My football game got cansouled two times on the weekend I got new sneakers . If you loos you ‘re mouth gared you can’t play football .


Football stars in May 14 I am playing with Jaxon  and Kellan . Jaxon’s Dad is Jason he is my coach also  my Hockey      coach. also Jaxon , Kellan , Chase and on my hockey team. we are in flag football in (the rest scribed by Mrs. Maley) hockey initiation together. I play football with my brother. I love playing football because you can juke.

The hundredth day

I love the one hundredth day of school and I do not no what to bring.I am going to miss mrs.Maley on the 100 day of school.

I wonder what the class is going to bring?
I don’t want to go out of school.
I hope I’m the helper on the 100th day of school.
(Scribed by Mrs. Maley)