My pets

I have a rabbit and pug and I used to have a bird. but my bird died because we forgot about him. My pug is like 66 in dog years,and in human years she’s eight. and I don’t know how Old my rabbit is in rabbit years but I know she’s one years old in human years.


I would love to play on a lot of electronics.
I love to play on phones and iPads and sometimes computers.
And yesterday I downloaded a game called 30 hands.
When I Watch TV I get so distracted that sometimes I don’t know that one of my parents left. But when I get home I go on my phone to relax from all the hard work I did. My electronics brainwash me or it makes me get relaxed. The end.

I Love Stuffed Animals

I collect stuffed animals all the time!!!I
I love them because they’re nice to cuddle!!!
I love them because they are cute!!!
I love them because they’re soft!!!
I have a build a bear stuffed animals that sleep with every single night!!!
I want to sleep with all the big stuff to animals because you can hold onto them better.
I think it is awesome that you can get them every where.
The end.