How To Make A Novel

How to write a novel by Preston
Step 1: Introduce all of the characters.
Step 2: Tell what there trying to do avoid or escape.
Step 3: Make it hard for them to escape avoid or do.
Step 4: Make it so the thing the are trying to escape avoid or do easy.
Step 5: Make it so they escape successfully do what they were trying to do or make the thing that they were trying to avoid go away.

A Funny Story

One time on my trampoline Gabe tripped and I got to make him different emotions. And I made him athletic he did front flips. Then I made him normal and he failed at a front flip .Then I made him really happy he hugged me a lot then I made him normal and athletic. One time I got to go to a rcmp restricted area. My dad had to get his rcmp card scanned to get in. In the area it had a swimming pool that was the whole reason we gone there. I brought my goggles flippers and my snorkeller.


We’re going to tame a spino in ark. Me and gabe are going to make a turret in ark. We’re going to tame a taradactal in ark and we’re going up a mountain to find cristals . We’re going to tame a bareonex💯.