Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Welcome back to school everyone! We had a great first day!

Introduction- Ms. Ausmus and Mrs. Maley did a get to know your teacher activity where they learned a bit about us.

School tour- Ms. Ausmus took the kids around the school to show them where everything is!

Read aloud- The Way I Act

Journal- we did a journal entry on what makes the students special, different or unique. If they didn’t finish, they could take it home for homework. There was no limit of sentences today. It was just for fun!

Get to know you activity



Rules- We brainstormed different rules for our classroom today.


Quiet Time- We read the book Chrysanthemum today.

We had a classroom tour. Talked about all of the things in our classroom, and how to take care of them etc. We talked about iPads. Some of you might be wondering how we use them in the classroom. We use iPads as a tool for learning. I explained it to them like a pencil. If the students used a pencil inappropriately, I would take it away for a short time. So the same goes for our classroom iPads. We will be learning how to use them for curriculum content.  If you have any questions about technology, please email me!


Twitter- We have a classroom Twitter account.  We mostly use it to learn our capitals, periods and sentence structure. You are welcome to follow our class! @mrsmaleysclass

Classroom Jobs- We explained all of the classroom jobs, and the kids applied for them today! They chose which one they would like, and then recorded themselves telling me why they would be good at it!

Clean Up

Home time