Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Circle Time

Arts Ed- back to school rules song

Health- Mrs. Preece


Math- Learned about Math On My Own.


Carpet Time- We started to do our carpet time routine which today included playing a game of Hangman to review our consonants and vowels and we practiced the sight word, “them.”

Daily 5 with Ms. Brace’s class- We learned all about good fit books today. We compared them to shoes and how there could be good fit shoes and good fit books. Too small of shoe=too easy of book. Too big of shoe=too hard of book.

We went into our classroom and picked some good fit books for us.

Quiet Time- We read Owl Moon



Clean Up

Phys Ed- Mr. Olynyk

Home time

*There was no take home folders today (except for those that forgot them yesterday) because we didn’t have any mail to send home.