Thursday, September 6, 2018

Circle Time

Arts Ed- Worked on patterns and learned a pattern song.


Health- Ms. Preece


Math- Math on my own. Students corrected their math scavenger hunt.


Carpet Time- Bowen was our helper of the day today. He had to talk about one topic for 10, 20, or 30 seconds. He chose hockey and actually spoke for 25 seconds!

Daily 5- We learned about Read to Self today. The students practiced picking good fit books, and then practicing read to self.

Journal- The students were allowed to write about whatever they wanted in their journals today. If your child brought their journal home the first day of school, and forgot to bring it back, could you please send it with them?


Quiet Time- We read a book about ‘teasing’ today. We had some good conversations around what teasing looks like, and what to do when someone is teasing you.

Twitter- We have been tweeting every day. If you’re on Twitter, follow us at @mrsmaleysclass We have been talking a lot about punctuation this week. When do we use a question mark, an exclamation mark or a period.

Talking Circle- Today we had a talking circle about teasing (if they wanted to share), or they could talk about whatever they wanted.

Clean Up

Home time

*If you’re interested in having one of us, Ms. Ausmus or Mrs. Maley, over for an iced tea date, just send us a quick email and we can sent up a time.

There was a Terry Fox note that we were asked to print and send home. I figured I would just post it on here. If you would like a printed copy, just comment on this post, and we will print one for you!

terry fox note-1znsggg