Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Circle Time

Math- Students practiced their dance patterns, and some children performed them.

Health- Ms. Preece


French- Ms. Murdoch


Carpet Time

Buddies- We started our buddies today with the grade 7/8 class. It’s not going to be called reading buddies as we are going to be doing more play based, creative outlets for both grades. For these first two months, the students are going to be doing different “centres.” They get to play alongside and learn with the grade 7/8s.


Quiet Time/Twitter- We read Mrs. Maley’s Africa trip book today. The students were really interested in my pictures and some of the cultural pieces behind my trip. We talked a bit about race as all of the Africans in the picture were black. We also talked about rich/poor as one of the pictures in the book was me visiting a school there. The walls and roofs were made of tin, and it sparked some great conversation. We talked about how we would never judge someone based on race or how much money they had. We talked about all of the positives I learned from being in a different country and the great things I learned from being in a different culture than my own.

Phys Ed- Mr. Olynyk

Clean Up

Home time

*A note went home today that talked about how we will be gaining a new classroom at Plainsview. A new 5/6 class will be starting on Sept. 19th. This means there will be a schedule shuffle, and some of our prep times/schedules will change. We will update the daily schedule on the blog asap.