Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Circle Time

Arts Ed- Students finished their fall art or animals.

Health- Ms. Preece left us a little blurb to explain what she has been doing in Health:

In Health this month, the Grade 2s have been learning about respect, kindness, and bucket filling.  We have learned that everyone walks around carrying an invisible bucket.  When we choose kind words and positive actions, we help fill other people’s buckets.  We learned that when we fill another person’s bucket, it helps fill our own bucket too!  We also talked about bucket dipping.  When we are mean, rude or excluding others, we dip into someone else’s bucket.  The students know that dipping into another person’s bucket can never fill our own, in fact, it tips our own bucket!  The students have really enjoyed discussing ways to fill each other’s buckets.  Please ask them at the end of the school day “How did you fill someone’s bucket today?”


Math- There is a math patterns test on Monday. Please complete the review book at home to help prepare your child for the test on Monday. You can keep the booklet at home!


Carpet Time

Daily 5- Work on Writing

We blogged today, as many of you probably noticed! I will look for a way for you not to get a million emails on the day we blog, but for now, you can see that the students learned about it today. Their goal was to write about one topic for 3 sentences.

Students had library today.


Quiet Time/Twitter- We read A Bear’s Shadow

Social- The students made “I Can” hands for orange shirt day tomorrow. Please have your child wear an orange shirt if they have one.

Clean Up

Home time

*Tomorrow is Hot Dog Day, Orange Shirt Day, and Fall Frenzy invitations are due. There will also be a ‘Respect” assembly tomorrow at 10:45 am.

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