I wish I could get a bird but my mom won’t let me.I forgot  how many birds 🐦.are their baby bird. I  am mad cos I can’t get won.

One thought on “Birds

  1. Hello Bowen, I’m sorry your mom wont let you get a bird, but they are a lot of responsibility. You should wait until you are older, they live a long time so make sure you are able to commit to it. I have 4 birds, however, recently two have passed away. The oldest bird was named Stanley, then Lila, and Martin, and Norman is the baby. Your writing has gotten better, just a few spelling errors in your blog post, but they are easy to make out. “Because” is a hard word to spell due to the vowels making different sounds when put with other letters. When I was younger I had a hard time spelling “because” so I used the acronym.. “Babies eat candy and usually something else,” you should try it, and see if it helps.
    ~Halle R.

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