Monday, October 22, 2018

Circle Time

Science- Students had to draw a picture and label correctly.

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- Decomposing numbers into tens and ones.


Carpet Time

PWIM- We worked with our PWIM poster today and wrote out some sentences with the words on the poster/picture. I told the students how I was going to be marking the writing. There were 4 levels. Level 1 was a beginning writer who would need to copy 4 of the sentences that we came up with together as a class. Level 2 (progressing writer) was where they would choose 2 of their own sentences and copy two of mine. Level 3 was where I want them to be for grade 2.  They would write three of their own sentences and copy one of mine. Level 4 was writing 4 of their own sentences from the poster without copying any. Lots of kids were up for the challenge. If they didn’t finish writing their sentences in their journal, it was for homework. Here are the sentences


Finish the journal writing activity

Quiet Time- Bowen chose Thomas’s Snowsuit for us to read today.

Clean up

Home time

*Wednesday is picture re-take day.

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