Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Circle Time

Math- We learned about place value. Ms. Friesen, our pre-intern taught small groups today.


Arts Ed- Visual Art- drawing booklet, Dance- dance like different animals, Drama- Act out skits


Carpet Time

Daily 5- We learned about the 5 W’s today. We read a book and then worked on the who and the what together.

Read to self- our stamina was 6 minutes, 56 seconds.

Read to someone


Phys Ed- Ms. Mercer did a lesson on dribbling with soccer balls today.

Music- Ms. Hendry

Home time

*Tomorrow is our Bravery assembly. Parents are welcome to come. If your child is getting a certificate, you would have got an email letting you know.

**Friday is a PD Day so there is no school.

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