Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Bell Work

Math- Students finished their incomplete Math on My Own.

Health- Ms. Preece

10:30- Students walked to Rosewood Church for their Christmas concert practice.


Carpet Time

Buddies- Students finished working on their Makerspace creations today. Next Tuesday between 1:30- 2:15, our class will be having a Makerspace Show and Tell. Parents are welcome to come and check out their child’s Makerspace creations.  They have been using materials and cardboard to make an amusement park. The students are really proud of their creations. They will be taking them home after class next week.


Quiet Time- The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe- Spoiler alert warning!- Today was the day we read about Aslan the lion being killed by the white witch. I told them that this might be a little bit of a scarier part and they could go into the breakout room if they wanted.  Some kids seemed a little sad when they learned the lion died, so we kept reading into the next chapter so we could get to the happy part. If your child talks about this to you at home, please let them know the book is a happy book and there was just one little sad part. The magic made the lion come alive again, and so no need to be scared or sad!!

Phys Ed- We played “under cover”

Home time

*Candy cane sales this week at both recesses. $1 for a candy cane.