Monday, January 7, 2019

Bell Work- Students received a new calendar for their bell work binder.

Math- Students worked on finding doubles. The students learned what the word, ‘sum’ means.


Arts Ed- Read the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. Students started an “oobleck” project.

Song of the week:

Words of the week:














Carpet Time

Daily 5- Students finished their books by learning how to edit today. The students were looking for punctuation, capital/uppercase letters, if it made sense, and if they had 4-6 sentences. I will be sending your child’s book by email soon so that if you have a device that has an ePub reader (iBooks for example), your child can keep their book at home and read it to you.


Phys Ed- Bowen, Dylan, Brae, and Jaisreet taught us their game called “Freezeball.” Oliver, Alex, Ronan and Madeline taught us their nameless game where the bad guys try and steal the treasure! Both games were great and the kids loved them!

Music- Ms. Hendry

Home time

*Reminder that we are skating tomorrow afternoon from 2-3.  If any parents want to meet us at the Doug Wick tomorrow to help tie skates, that would be awesome! If anyone has extra skates at home (siblings, too small etc.) that they could bring, that would be great as I know a couple students still don’t have any. Thanks!

**Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 17th.  There is a special Plainsview literacy night. There will be fun activities, treats, books and games! It is happening from 6-8. We would love to see everyone here!

*** I have created a classroom parent helper sign up starting next week until Easter break. If you (or a grandparent) are interested in helping in the classroom, please click on this sign up to find a time that you could come in! We would have you working with math groups in the morning, or reading/practicing sight words with kids in the afternoon. Every once and a while we might even get you to help wipe down tables and doorknobs, or help with bulletin boards.