Monday, January 14, 2019

Bell Work

Drama- The students worked on an Oobleck theatre play today. If your child has a puppet at home that they would like to bring tomorrow, they can do that.

Health- Ms. Preece


French- Ms. Murdoch

Arts Ed- Students worked on their theatre play again.


Carpet Time

Daily 5- Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading


Phys Ed- We played Penelope, Finley, Branson and Felicity’s game today.

Music- Ms. Hendry

Clean Up

Home time

* Tomorrow is Buddies. The students are coming up with their own advertisements. They are designing a candy, toy, clothing or cereal. If your child is designing a cereal, I told them they could bring a cereal box from home so they could re-decorate it with their own paper and designs. If you want to check with them and see if they need a cereal box, that would be great.