Thursday, January 17, 2019

Bell Work

Arts Ed- The students practiced using their people for their play.

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- The students worked on finding the key word in math problems.


Carpet Time

Daily 5 Work on Writing- The students wrote encouraging letters to their blogging buddies today. Their buddies are going to be writing finals next week, so we sent them a little love.


Quiet Time- Kaylie chose us a book about apples to read today.


Social- Today I decided to do a little heart/soul activity this afternoon. I have done this every year in my class, and I find that it helps kids see what is going on in their hearts/minds. It all started after my husband Jon and I went to a marriage retreat several years back. We watched a series of Paul Tripp videos, and one of the analogies Paul used really stuck with me. He said:

“If I shake a bottle of water, spilling some, and ask you, “Why did water spill on the floor?” you might say, “Because you shook the bottle.” In other words, the shaking is to blame for the water on the floor. If I ask you, “Why did water spill on the floor?” you might say, “Because there was no milk or pop in the bottle. Why does anger, hurtful actions, and vile language spill out of people? It is not because they are shaken or the fault lies with whatever did the shaking. No, the problem is that there is anger and vile language inside, waiting to be shaken and spilled.”

I borrowed one of the student’s water bottles and shook it up. I explained how our hearts can be like water bottles. I gave the students some time to find a quiet space in the classroom with the lights off and I played some music. They were supposed to look into their hearts and see if they found any darkness/anger/hate towards others in their hearts. If someone was going to shake them up or make them angry, what would come out? Afterwards we had a talking circle for anyone that wanted to share. It was neat seeing how sensitive young children are to what goes on in their hearts and minds, and several children chose to share. We talked about how we all get to work on what is inside and our responses to others. Even when people make us angry or frustrated, we can work on having love and care in our hearts for them, so that when they shake us up, joy and light come out rather than anger and darkness. Feel free to continue this conversation at home! Or email or call if you have any questions!

Clean Up

Home Time

*Literacy Night is tonight! We would love to see you sometime between 6 and 7:30!

** Book orders went home today. They will be due back Thursday, January 31st. Thanks