Tuesday, January 22, 2018

Bell Work


Health- Ms. Preece


French- Ms. Murdoch

Arts Ed/Science


Carpet Time

Buddies- Students worked on their products. They are going to “pitch” their products to us next week during Buddies.


Quiet Time- Madeline chose a book for us to read.

Twitter/Blog- We read some of our new blog comments from our blogging buddies today.

Social- Since we have been talking about advertisements and media messages, today I read the students the book called “Good Pictures Bad Pictures”.┬áThis book talks about how sometimes kids can come across bad pictures on TV, iPads, devices, and in magazines etc. It talks about what is private, and how they should never take pictures of private parts or see pictures of other people’s private parts. We discussed how sometimes there might be inappropriate videos that pop up on Youtube, or somewhere else and what they should do. The book gives the directions of TURN RUN TELL. The child should turn their eyes from the picture, run away and tell a trusted adult. This is a great resource for protecting children against pornography and other inappropriate things they might come across online. There is also a version of this book for older kids. Something to think about if you have older children and want to bring up this conversation. Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to answer them!

Clean Up


Home time