Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mrs. Ausmus was away today, so Mrs. Maley taught for the whole day.

Carpet Time- Today we looked at racial stereotypes in a clip from Pocahontas. The kids were coming up with great critical thinking skills.

Daily 5- Listen to Reading, Read to self and Read to someone


Quiet Time- Felicity chose us a book to read


Arts Ed- We drew pictures of ocean animals to enter into a contest today.


Check in- The students had a chance to check in, and let me know how they are feeling today.

Kahoot- The students played a couple little interactive Kahoot games. They liked it a lot.

Buddies- The students had a last minute practice time to practice their “Dragon’s Den” pitches for tomorrow. The


Phys Ed- Colour Tag

Music- Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Tomorrow is Twin Day!

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