Alex’s Post on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

When I was 5 years old I played soccer.Right now I’m starting
Base ball. When I was 5 I also took swimming lessons.When I was
5 I played T ball.When I was 0 my gramma gave me a stuffy monkey for a present!The monkey that my gramma gave me is 7 years old and I still have it!Is my Dad really 43?I love my stuffy monkey.

One thought on “Alex’s Post on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

  1. Hey Alex! It’s me again! my partner Leo is here with me and we just wanna say that your story is really, really good and cute! Don’t forget to leave a space after a period (.) and explanation mark (!), baseball is one word, and T-ball has a dash. Instead of using 0, say born. Sorry if me and Leo sound harsh, but we enjoyed reading your blog! Keep up the good work and keep imagining!

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