How to play baseball


  1. Catch the ball if you don’t catch the ball you pick it up.
  2.  am  The ball  at  The glove .
  3.   Throw the ball

Out field

  1.   Catch  the ball
  2.  Throw the ball to first base

First base

  1.  catch or   Pick up The ball
  2.  Touch first Bass
  3.  Throw The   Ball  I want to The picture


  1. Practice in the bating circle.
  2.  Up to the    Home plate  and  hit the ball .
  3.    Run to first base .
  4.   Run  to  Second base
  5.   Run  to  third base
  6.    run  to Homeplate

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Bell Work

Arts Ed- Students practice talent show numbers.

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- Intro to data analysis lesson.


Carpet Time

Daily 5- Shared an example of procedural writing with the students. I showed them step by step how I planted my garden.

Blog- Students blogged their own procedural writing.


Quiet Time- Helper reads


Social- We learned about leadership today. We had a fake vote for the mayor of our classroom. Mason won and promised 5 minutes extra of recess in his election speech.

Clean Up

Home Time

*Our end of the year field trip is to the Nortown bowling lanes. If you are interested in coming as a parent helper, please email me at

How to make SLIME

How to make SLIME.
Step 1-get a bowl , spoon, glue, activator food-colouring, shaving cream, glitter(if want.)
Step2-put the glue in the bowl and mix it with the spoon.
Step 3-put the shaving cream ,then mix it.
Step4-play with the glue and shaving cream (it might be sticky.)
Step5-add the activator (it will be less sticky.)
Step6-add the the food-colouring
Step7-add glitter if you want, and you will be done.