How To Make A Novel

How to write a novel by Preston
Step 1: Introduce all of the characters.
Step 2: Tell what there trying to do avoid or escape.
Step 3: Make it hard for them to escape avoid or do.
Step 4: Make it so the thing the are trying to escape avoid or do easy.
Step 5: Make it so they escape successfully do what they were trying to do or make the thing that they were trying to avoid go away.

2 thoughts on “How To Make A Novel

  1. Good job! In step one, you said “there”, but it might be better if you changed it to “they’re”. Awesome way to write a novel though!

  2. Hey Preston! I really liked your instructions, they will be very helpful for writing a story. My only change is that in step 4 the word after “thing” should probably be “they”.

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