Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bell Work

Arts Ed- Students worked on their Memory Books.

Health- Ms. Preece


Math- Students created their own bar graph


We were construction workers again this afternoon.

Carpet Time

Daily 5- Editing/Fixing their work. The students worked on editing/fixing their work again. They were great little construction workers.


Building- Using procedural writing, students “built” their dad, or special man in their life, a Father’s Day present. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads this weekend!

If the students were done their present, they got the opportunity to learn how to do a little nailing with real hammers and real nails. We talked about a lot about safety, and the kids loved it!

Home Time

*Tomorrow is a PD Day, so we will see everyone on Monday.

**Next Thursday is the SCC Subway lunch, and next Friday is when we go bowling for end of the year. Please check cash online so that you make sure all your payments are up to date. Thanks!

Check out these pictures from the last couple days: