First Day of School! Tuesday, September 3, 2019

We had a great first day of school today. Your child has 3 teachers! Mrs. Ausmus teaches in the morning, Mrs. Maley teaches in the afternoon, and Ms. Parker is our intern who will be with us until the end of December.

The daily blog post will just say what we did today, if there’s any homework, and anything to be looking forward to.

Supplies- Students found their desk, took out supplies, and played with their playdough while the teachers got the supplies sorted.

Pod tour- Students learned where the other classes were, and where the bathrooms were etc.

Rules- Mrs. Ausmus and Ms. Parker went over the rules and the students practiced acting them out.


Assembly- The school had a quick assembly where they could meet the new staff and interns in the school.

Math- Students did a math activity that had to do with guessing the teacher’s age, kids, pets etc.


Carpet Time- Students learned that in our class, we use a lot of technology. We have classroom iPads 1:1 that the students use every day. We talked today about how the iPads are tools, not rewards etc. We also discussed how I expect them to be used. Today they learned how to play Hangman on an app called Doodle Buddy/ HD Draw and Tell.

Classroom Tour- We looked around the classroom and learned about the different areas of the class. Students learned about the “Self Regulation” area today, which is an area they can use if they are ever feeling, sad, angry, overwhelmed, happy, tired etc. It’s an area to regulate themselves so that they can come back and join the class in learning. It is NOT a time out area. It is always a choice area.


Quiet Time- I read the book called My New Teacher and Me

Classroom Jobs- We have a list of classroom jobs that the students could apply for. They learned how to use Seesaw, and they recorded themselves applying for the job they wanted. Once we get all the student information back, I will make sure all parents have access to their child’s Seesaw account so you can see their videos and the work they do in class.

Clean Up

Home Time

Overall it was a great day! Can’t wait to see them tomorrow again.

*Please fill out all forms that went home in the child’s take home folder today. There should have been two forms that need to be returned on the right hand side of the folder, and a package of information on the left hand side of the folder that can stay at home.

**Song of the week:

Spelling words of the week:

Sight Words       Bonus words

A                school

And                friends

Away                hello

Big                 play

Blue                meet