Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Bell Work

Students talked about Take Home Folders again. Somebody’s newsletters fell out of their take home folder yesterday, so if someone happens to be missing the introductory letters, please let us know. We have it at school.

Dojo- Students learned about Class Dojo today. It’s a rewards/point system. The kids seemed really into it!


Library- Ms. Preece showed the students how to take out books today. They got one book to take home. They will always have library on Day 2’s.


Arts Ed- Ms. Hendry

Play Centres- Students had play centres today. It’s a time at the beginning of the year to be a kid, and just play! There are different learning connections with each centre, but you can ask what your child played today! That’s also where the stamp came from! The kids get a clean up stamp when they clean up their centre.


Phys Ed- The students had their first Phys Ed period today. We played a bank robbers game.

Talking Circle- Ms. Parker is our “star of the week” this week. She shared with us about herself, and the kids were allowed to ask 3 questions!

Home Time

*Please return all forms if you haven’t already!

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