Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Bell Work

Math- Gr. 2 students filled in a 100’s chart today. Gr. 1’s wrote numbers in different ways.


Science- Ms. Parker talked about metamorphoses and life cycles.


Carpet Time

Work on Writing- The students had a new centre today called “Topic journals.” It’s where they get to write a story on that topic. Example: Grumpy journal, Elf on the shelf, holidays etc.


Writing- Journaling with Ms. Halbert.

Phys Ed- Ms. Halbert

Home Time

*Don’t forget that tomorrow is our field trip! Please send $5 for a squash! We will be going to the Central Library first, and then to the Farmer’s Market. It is supposed to be cold though, so please send a warm jacket and maybe even some little mittens or a toque for the kids as we walk around.