Thursday, October 10, 2019

Bell Work

Math- Gr. 2 number line assessment. The students were supposed to skip count on the hundreds chart.

Gr. 1 number assessment- Students had to show a number in different ways: draw, manipulatives, word, numbers.


Mrs. Preece- Library


Arts Ed- Ms. Hendry

Squashes come alive! We drew faces on our squashes and gave them names today.

Makerspace- The students started a “Makerspace” today. This is a creative outlet time where kids are asked to create/make different useful items. They can use my supplies and cardboard. Today they had a job to do. Gr. 2’s had to build a bridge, building, statue, park, water fountain or road. Gr. 1’s had to build a toy, doll, or action figure.


Phys Ed- Ms. Parker taught the kids a “chicken run.”

Talking Circle for Ghina- We had a warm and fuzzy circle for Ghina today!

Clean Up

Home Time

*The squash babies were a success today!