Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Bell Work

Math- Students learned about equality. They learned the 3 symbols to show equal/unequal


Library- Ms. Preece


Arts Ed- Ms. Hendry

Makerspace- Students were asked to create something useful that hangs today. They had to problem solve and try and work with different tools/materials to do this!


Phys Ed- The students had a listening game today. They had to follow the instructions (similar to Simon says), but then they had to grab the cone when I said cone! They had a great time. After that we played different soldier/doctor games with the cones.

Star of the week- We had Kaden’s star of the week circle today.

Clean Up

Home Time

*SCC Subway lunch tomorrow

** Here are the pictures I have been sent from yesterday’s field trip! If you came as a helper, and you have some pictures, you can send them my way! Thanks!

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