Friday, November 29, 2019

Dot Day- Ms. Parker had a huge “Dot Day” extravaganza today! Dot themed everything

Bell Work

Math- Students worked on comparing numbers. They used dots to write in their equality/inequality for equations.


Arts Ed- Students made little dot drawings, and they came to life when they used an augmented reality app!


Carpet Time

Writing- Ms. Parker read the Dot Book and the students had to do a little writing project that worked on re-telling beginning, middle and end.


Writing- With Ms. Halbert

Phys Ed- With Ms. Halbert

Home Time

*I sent everyone an email just letting you know I will put one more scholastic book order in before Christmas. It will be on Thursday Dec. 5.

**December is full of different activities, please check out our classroom calendar to see what’s coming up!

***If you don’t own skates, please make sure you are trying to ask neighbours, cousins, friends if you can borrow any, as our class is going to be going skating on December 11th! Children will also need a helmet. (Bike helmet is fine.)