Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bell Work


Concert Practice


French- Ms. Murdoch

Arts Ed- The students drew some snowmen on their Take Home Folder


Concert Practice

Carpet Time


Quiet Time- Playing with Penguins

Social- We talked about what a community is. The students worked on a Seesaw activity where they had to write what types of communities they are a part of.

Clean Up

Home Time

*We are going skating tomorrow. Can you please email me at danielle.maley@rbe.sk.ca if your child doesn’t have skates? I took a bunch of our students to try on our school skates today as they all told me they don’t have any. But if you for sure know your child will need to borrow a pair, please give me a shout. That said, we only have 1 extra hockey helmet.  So your child WILL need to have a bike helmet or borrow a helmet to be allowed onto the ice. If you want to come help us tie skates, meet us at the Doug Wik arena at 2:00 PM!



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