First Day of School! Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Welcome back to school!

We had a great first day with half of our students. Every day I will be posting my day plan of what we did. This is so that when you ask your child, “What did you do today?” and they say, “nothing,” you will have some follow up questions! How did you like _______? I hear that you ________ today.

Supplies away- We organized our supplies today. We will be keeping one marker/pencil box on the desk with our main supplies- markers, pencils, glue stick scissors. All the rest of our supplies will be in a grey bucket in a shelf in our class.

Tour- We took a school tour and talked about some of the things that might have changed since last year! (Gym closed for now, no soft furniture etc.)

Arts Ed- Ms. Hendry


Carpet Time- We will be using technology in our classroom this year, and the students were introduced to the classroom iPads. They each will have one iPad that they use for a month. These are iPads that I have purchased, or have been donated to me. They only have learning apps on them, and we will be using them at certain times in the day to support direct teaching. I will be training the students on proper use and digital citizenship!

Science- We went outside to the rock circle to talk about our favourite animals. They drew pictures of the animals.

Health- We watched the “how to wash your hands” video that reinforced good hand hygiene.

Phys Ed- We went outside to play cat and mouse.

Home Time

*Please check out the notes that were sent home today. There is one that needs to be filled out and sent back!

**Reminder that there are NO toys or stuffed animals allowed at school. That’s a general school rule, but especially now with covid. I reminded the kids today, but please let them know at home too!