Wednesday, September 9, First Day of School!

It was a great first day with our L-Z students! We had a bigger group today, and it was great to get to know them. Here was what our day looked like!

Put away supplies

Take a tour of the school

Snack Time

Quiet Time

Arts Ed- We did a couple of first day of school colouring pages. It was nice to see them take care in their colouring and get back to things after so long away!

Lunch recess


Carpet Time- We learned how to use the iPads today. I have a class set- so each child gets one for the whole month. Then we will clean them really well, and switch in October. Today the students learned how to play hangman with letters and sounds, and to write a “cage word” properly. Feel free to ask if they know what a cage word is!

Science- We went outside and talked about our favourite animals.  The students then got a chance to draw their favourite animal!

We came in and coloured the pictures that had been drawn outside.

Health- We watched this video about how to wash our hands properly.

We then went and practiced all the steps to washing our hands!

Phys Ed- We went outside and played a fun game of cat and mouse for Phys Ed!

Home Time

* Please know that I tried my best to explain about masks. There are definitely some parents who want their children to wear them, and there are some that aren’t as concerned. We talked as a class about how it’s important that you do what your family/parents want you to do. That said, it’s going to be a bit of building stamina right now, as I noticed it was quite hard for some students to wear them all day. So we definitely took mask breaks, and I reminded them again, that while I am in my 6 foot bubble, even I can take it off so I can teach and have them see my face and lips!