Thursday, September 10, 2020

We had another great day today! I will list the apps that we have been using in class, just in case anyone wants to download them at home so the kids can show you what we are doing, or if they want to bring their own idevice to school.

Math Carpet Time- We used the app, Hundreds Board (By BrainingCamp) to find how many days at school we have been here for. We then looked at a subitizing app (Little Monkey app) Subitizing is finding out how many dots without counting. This is a pre-addition skill that helps us really solidify our numbers combined to ten. We then looked at patterning. (Pattern Blocks by Brainingcamp) Grade ones worked on making a repeating pattern, and our grade twos worked on an increasing pattern.

Math Centres- We learned a new math centre today called Dot Card War. It’s just like war you would play with cards, but with dot cards!

Snack/Twitter- Today we got a chance to look at our class Twitter account, @mrsmaleysclass The students sent out their first tweet today. We use Twitter as a sharing tool. We follow other classes who are doing cool things, and other classes/parents/grandparents follow us! We never use pictures/names together for the children’s safety.

Arts Ed- The students got a chance to decorate their math name tags today. If they finished early, they coloured a back to school picture.



ELA Carpet Time- We played hangman again to practice our letters and sounds. We use the free app, Doodle Buddy. We then practiced our “cage words” using the Star Words app. The students are practicing their letter shapes and sizes using this app. (Sight Words: Kids Learn!)

Daily 5- We learned all about good fit books and good fit shoes! You can ask how those two things are similar! The students picked a few good books for their book boxes, and we practiced building stamina for reading to self. Today we made it 1 minute and 40 seconds without anyone getting distracted or stopping reading. We will keep working on building our reading stamina as a class. We have talked about how there are three ways to read. 1) Read the pictures. 2) Read the words. 3) Re-tell a story. Your child can practice any one of these at home.

Ms. Hendry- Ms. Hendry will be teaching the children French and Arts Ed this year.

Home Time

*If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the “mail” I sent home on Tuesday, please do that, and send it back with your child next Monday- when all students will be here!