Friday, September 11, 2020

We made it through the first week! What a great way to start the school year. I had an appointment this morning, so there was a substitute for their first half of the day! She was an intern at Plainsview last year, so knew the school and the set up! She did great.

Math- The students worked on a couple number sense worksheets. Mostly counting the objects and then writing the numbers in.

Math Centres- The students learned a new math game today called Dot Card War. It’s just like war you would play with cards, but with dot cards!

Arts Ed- The students got a chance to decorate their math name tags today. If they finished early, they got to explore our classroom library and read/look at books.



ELA Carpet Time-  We played hangman again to practice our letters and sounds. We use the free app, Doodle Buddy. We then practiced our “cage words” using the Star Words app. The students are practicing their letter shapes and sizes using this app. (Sight Words: Kids Learn!)

Ms. Hendry- Ms. Hendry will be teaching the children French and Arts Ed this year.

Home Time

*If you haven’t had a chance to fill out the “mail” I sent home on Tuesday, please do that, and send it back with your child next Monday- when all students will be here!

Have a great weekend!