Friday, September 18, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Aubree was our helper today.


Math Centres- We learned a new math centre today called Math Headbands. Other children practiced make ten memory.

Social- We finished our Seesaw assignment called “What I love about my family.” I send all families an invitation to Seesaw through email, so make sure you sign up for your child’s e learning journal to check out what they are up to!



Daily 5- Read to Self- 2 minute class stamina. We are getting there!

We started Word Work today. The students played Hangman on the whiteboards.

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*Have a great weekend! I have been informed that it is possible the parents can’t see their child’s work on Seesaw yet. We do have an assignment posted that you should be able to see, so I will try and get this figured out to make sure everyone can see it!

**Next Friday is a PD Day, so no school for students!

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