Monday, September 21, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Jessica was our helper today.


Talking Circle


Ms. Hendry

Social- Today we worked on sharing our Seesaw activities with the rest of the class (if they wanted to). We then started a discussion about different traditions and celebrations we each celebrate!



ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5- We got our Read to Self stamina up to 4 minutes, 19 seconds today! We build stamina as a class, so if anyone is off task, I stop the whole class, as I don’t want anyone practicing bad reading habits 🙂 We did Work on Writing, and we worked on our “all about us” books. We also learned a new Word work game called Alphabet soup.

Phys Ed- It was race day! The students did some long distance and short distance running today. They should hopefully sleep well tonight!

Health- We acted out different scenarios where students responded with different emotions- happiness/anger. It was good to see them practicing these very “real life” situations. (How do you respond when someone isn’t playing by the rules? Etc.)

Home Time

*Don’t forget that this Wednesday is picture day!

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