Monday, September 28, 2020

Math Carpet Time- Kaedin was our helper today.

Notes- I handed out this week’s new math worksheets. They put them in their duotangs, and we talked about how they can choose to do the “papers” centre any time this week! I asked them to hand in any homework they had from this weekend. If your child forgot to bring back their red duotang, please send it tomorrow!

Math Centres- We made it through two rotations today. I pulled the last of our students to practice writing/printing numbers. If your child is still having trouble, I might send home an extra practice worksheet to work on at home. They can finish it at home and send it back and I will give them a “star.” (10 stars and you get a prize.)

I also started pulling some kids to work on/assess their patterning. You will start to see these evaluations/assessments start showing up in Gradebook/Parent Portal. If you don’t have access to Parent Portal yet for your child (our online report card system) please send me an email and we can send home your child’s unique access code so you can see how they are doing.


Social Studies- We have been talking about different cultural celebrations/holidays etc. Today the students finished their Seesaw assignment on which holidays they celebrate.



Practice Fire Drill- Just our classroom had a practice fire drill today where we learned where our spot will be outside. Practiced leaving the school properly etc.

ELA Carpet Time

Daily 5- We read the third Knuffle Bunny book by Mo Willems. The students have really liked this trilogy if anyone is thinking about buying books for birthdays or Christmas. They aren’t on Scholastic unfortunately, but I’m sure Chapters or Amazon would have them!

Work on Writing- We did our very first journal entry today. The students got to tell me about a time they either lost something, or gave something away.

Read to Self

Ms. Hendry

Home Time

*To honour those who were in Residential Schools, Wednesday is orange shirt day. Please allow your child to wear an orange shirt if they have one.